Community Health Workers (CHWs) work in association with the local health care system (hospitals, doctors, clinics) in both urban and rural environments to bridge the gap between providers and underserved populations in need of care. They are members of the community who share ethnicity, language, socioeconomic status and life experiences with those they serve. 

CHWs provide culturally appropriate health education and information in order to assist people in receiving the care they need. They can give informal counseling and guidance on health behaviors; advocate for individual and community health needs; and provide some direct health services, like first aid and blood pressure screening.

CHW State Certification

The Promotor(a) or Community Health Worker Training and Certification Program provides leadership to enhance the development and implementation of statewide training and certification standards and administrative rules for the Promotor(a) or Community Health Worker (CHW) Training and Certification Program. Senate Bill 1051 (77th Texas Legislative Sessions) calls for the Texas Department of State Health Services to establish and operate a training and certification program for persons who act as promotores or community health workers, instructors and sponsoring institutions/training programs.
Community Health Workers (CHWs) in the state of Texas must be certified. Certification is comprised of completion of 160 hours of coursework in eight core competencies.

Payment Plans: 1st payment of $200.00 is required prior to the first class. Additional minimal payments of $200.00 will be due monthly until the $800.00 balance is paid in full. All payments are non-refundable. If a student withdraws, payments made prior to the withdrawal date will receive an account credit. In most circumstances, credits can be used toward future class enrollments.
Next Class Date:

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CHW Continuing Education

You must renew your CHW certificate every two years. To renew your certificate, you must complete 20 hours of continuing education related to the core competencies during each two-year renewal period. 

DSHS Certified Continuing Education: At least ten (10) certified hours of continuing education must come from participation in a DSHS approved training program. Note: All CEUs may be DSHS certified.

You may combine five (5) DSHS certified hours of continuing education AND up to five (5) hours of continuing education you completed to renew a Texas license or certification in another health profession.
Non-Certified Continuing Education: The remaining ten (10) hours may come from training programs and instructors not certified by DSHS that relate to one or more of the core competencies. (aka: Non-DSHS Certified Continuing Education)

Continuing Education Opportunities