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8/1/2019 - "This summer in the AHEC class, I learned alot of things. The nurses were very interactive with us and tried to help us learn in a fun way. They taught us to do CPR, step by step, and even let us practic on dummies. Every Tuesday when they came they always made sure they prepared some kind of excersie/activity that would get us up and moving. Such as when they brought the Yoga teacher and they teached us different types of Yoga positions. This class also provided us with skills on how to be men. They taught us how to put on and tie ties, and they also taught us how to perform on an interview. In conclusion, even though most days I did not want to interact in the class, I learned so much that can help me in the futuer." Urban Enrichment Institute student participant, Summer 2019

9/9/2016 - "I enjoyed my time learning about the different opportunities Texas AHEC East Greater houston Region has to offer, especially the outreach program where they educate the youth about HOT Jobs. I look foward to being and AHEC preceptor in the Future." Ngozi Okerafor, 4th year Medical Student, University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston


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